Platform Manager Service User Agreement
This Platform Manager Service User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) is an offer of 2GIS (hereinafter referred to as the Right Holder) to conclude an Agreement necessary for the user to use the Platform Manager (hereinafter referred to as the Service) on the terms set out below.

Before using the Service, please read the provisions of this Agreement.

1. General Provisions
1.1. By using the Service, you agree that:
a) You have read the provisions of this Agreement in full before using the Service.
b) The beginning of your use of the Service (first of all, through Authorization and Creation of the User’s company account) in any form means that you accept all the provisions of this Agreement, the Privacy Policy in full without any exceptions and restrictions on your part. Use of the Service on other terms is not allowed.
c) The beginning of your use of the Service by Authorization, placement of personal data in the Service, including in the feedback forms, means that you consent to the processing of your personal data by the Right Holder for the purposes provided for in this Agreement and the Privacy Policy, as well as to the transfer of your personal data to third parties in the cases listed in the Privacy Policy.
d) By using the Service with a web browser that accepts data from cookies, you agree with the collection and processing of data from cookies by the Right Holder for the purposes provided for in the Privacy Policy, and the transfer by the Right Holder of data from cookies to third parties in the cases listed in 2GIS Cookie Policy (
e) If you do not agree with the provisions of this Agreement or are not entitled to conclude it, you shall immediately stop any use of the Service.
f) The Agreement (including any of its parts) may be amended by the Right Holder without any special notice. The new version of the Agreement shall become effective on the date of its publication on the Website of the Right Holder, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Agreement.
g) In all other respects not regulated by this Agreement, the Right Holder shall be guided by the provisions of the License Agreement (
1.2. In all other respects not covered by this Agreement, relations regarding the use of 2GIS Online Services are governed by the Privacy Policy (
1.3. The words and expressions used in this Agreement have the following meanings, unless otherwise expressly defined hereinafter:
a) Agreement shall mean this Platform Manager Service User Agreement.
b) Service shall mean the Platform Manager Service owned by the Right Holder, as well as its computer program or database separately, access to which is provided to Users under the provisions of this Agreement with the Right Holder, and intended for use in the web version. The Service is intended to create test API keys with limited access to the capabilities of the Software Products, as well as to accumulate information about the API keys issued to the User, the terms of their use, the Request limits selected by the User, displaying statistics on the use of the API key limit by the User, as well as restrictions on such API key.
c) User shall mean a person who has entered into this Agreement with the Right Holder for its own benefit or for the benefit of others in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation and this Agreement.
d) Website of the Right Holder shall mean the website that provides access to the Service, available in the domain at
e) Privacy Policy shall mean the Privacy Policy posted on the Internet at
f) API Key shall mean a unique combination of characters provided to the User, associated with the Identifier of one specific User Application and providing software interaction of the Software Package with the specified User Application, information on which is reflected in the Service.
g) Software Package(s) shall mean software package (s) called Cartographic WebAPI and Reference WebAPI, owned by the Right Holder and representing an application programming interface that allows access to the Products in response to the Request and use the Products in the User Applications.
h) User Applications shall mean a website, web application or mobile application owned or legally used by the User under its own trademark or other means of individualization, through which the Products are displayed (communicated to) the Consumers.
i) Products shall mean visual display of geo-information data from the 2GIS Map or reference data on organizations and individual entrepreneurs from the 2GIS Directory, displayed in the User Applications using the Software Package.
j) Request shall mean an application from the User Application to the Software Package for the provision of Products corresponding to the parameters specified in the Documentation.
k) User Authorization shall mean registration or authentication of the User on the website in the domain
l) Creation of the User’s company account shall mean filling in the form for collecting data on the User’s company, accompanied by the acceptance of the provisions of this Agreement and the Privacy Policy (

2. Exclusive Rights to the Service
2.1. The Service as a whole and computer programs, databases, cartographic, reference and other text content, images and other objects of copyright and/or related rights included in it or used together with it, as well as objects of patent rights, trademarks, commercial designations, trade names and other parts of the Service (regardless of whether they are included in their composition or are additional components, and whether they can be extracted from them and used independently) separately (hereinafter referred to as the Intellectual Property Items), are protected in accordance with Part IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and belong to the Right Holder on the exclusive right, unless otherwise specified in the Notice of Rights.
2.2. The Right Holder retains the exclusive rights to any results of processing (modification) of the Intellectual Property Items allowed in accordance with this Agreement, and may at any time withdraw its permission to use them at its discretion without compensation for any expenses of the User for their creation and use.
2.3. A Notice of Rights to the Intellectual Property Item shall be posted on such Item or communicated to the User upon its provision. The absence of the Notice of Rights does not mean the absence of its legal protection or permission for its free use.

3. License
3.1. The use of the Service shall be allowed strictly on the provisions of this Agreement. If the User does not accept the provisions of the Agreement in full, the User shall not be entitled to use the Service for any purpose. The use of the Service with violation of (failure to comply with) any of these provisions of the Agreement is prohibited.
3.2. The rights and methods of using the Service, which are not explicitly granted/not allowed to the User under this Agreement, shall be deemed not provided/prohibited by the Right Holder.
3.3. The use of the Service under the provisions of this Agreement for informational (non-commercial) purposes shall be allowed to the User at no cost.

4. User Rights
4.1. The Right Holder grants the User the right to the Service on the terms of a simple (non-exclusive) non-transferable license in the territory of all countries of the world in the ways specified in this Section.

4.2. Functional use of the Service
The User is entitled to use the Service for its functional purpose specified, i.e. to create test API keys with limited access to the capabilities of the Software Products, as well as to gain access to information about the API keys issued to the User, the terms of their use, the Request limits selected by the User, displaying statistics on the use of the limit of API Keys Requests by the User, as well as restrictions on such API key, for the purpose of which to perform Authorization in the web version of the Service on its Device.
In accordance with this Clause, the User may use the Service on an unlimited number of Devices.
At the discretion of the Right Holder, the User may need to accept the terms of a separate agreement to use the additional functionality of the Service.
4.3. Reproduction of the Service
The User is entitled to reproduce the Service for non-commercial purposes on a free basis on the Devices, provided the combination, composition and content of the Service are preserved unchanged compared to how they are provided and/or recommended for use by the Right Holder.
4.4. The right to use the Services in accordance with this Section is provided subject to the User’s compliance with the restrictions established by this Agreement.

5. Restrictions on the use of the Service
5.1. The User shall not, on its own or with the involvement of third parties:
5.1.1. Open technology, emulate, create new versions, modify, decompile, disassemble, decrypt and perform other actions with the Service code aimed at violating the Service protection system against unauthorized use, extracting any materials from databases, as well as obtaining information on the implementation of algorithms used in the Service.
5.1.2. Create software products and/or services using the Service, as well as the databases included in their composition or the materials extracted (being extracted) from them, as well as other Intellectual Property Items specified in Clause 2.1 hereof.
5.1.3. Reproduce and distribute the Service for commercial purposes without the written consent of the Right Holder.
5.1.4. Extract any materials from the databases included in the Service and subsequently use them in any form and by any means.
5.1.5. Use the databases included in the Services separately from such Services.
5.1.6. Provide access to the Service for commercial purposes, including by broadcasting data from them by any means, including the use of frames and other software methods and techniques that ensure the receipt of data from the Service and their presentation on the website of third parties, unless otherwise provided by a separate agreement with the Right Holder.
5.1.7. Remove or modify in any way trademarks, industrial designs and notices of copyright and any other rights included in the Service.
5.1.8. Use third-party software when using the Service.
5.2. For the avoidance of doubt, it is PROHIBITED to copy, reproduce, process, distribute, post in the public domain (publish) on the Internet, use in the media and/or commercially use the materials, both directly extracted from the Service, and obtained by copying the results of data processing from use of the Service, as well as products derived from such materials (with additions, abbreviations and other processing), except as expressly provided for in this Agreement.

6. Automatic Updates
6.1. The Service may periodically interact with the software and hardware of the Right Holder to check for updates to the Service (hereinafter referred to as Updates), such as modifications of the Service, additional modules thereto.
6.2. By using the Service, the User agrees to be able to make requests, as well as receive and install Updates in an automatic mode.

7. Privacy Policy
7.1. The personal data of Users and the purposes of their processing by the Right Holder are indicated in the Table.
7.2. The Right Holder processes the following other User data:
these include data automatically transmitted to the Service in the course of their use using the software installed on the User’s device, including IP address, location of the User (mobile application), advertising identifiers (GAID, IDFA (not processed since version 5.39 of 2GIS), OAID and others related to the User’s operating system), data from cookies, information about the browser, operating system, access time, data on the User’s device (device manufacturer, device model, device internal memory size, device operating system version, platform, screen size); language of the User’s operating system; digital identifier generated as part of the Sber ID Service; hash mobile phone number of the User, hash e-mail address of the User.
7.3. If the Right Holder can identify the User based on other data, they refer to personal data and are subject to processing as personal data.
7.4. The Right Holder does not process the personal data of Users who have not been registered, authorized and/or have not posted personal data in the process of using the Service, including in the feedback forms of the Service, and/or have not provided personal data to the Right Holder on its own.
7.5. The Right Holder shall collect, record, systematize, accumulate, store, clarify (update, change), extract, use, transfer (distribute, provide, get access to), block, delete and destroy personal data.
7.6. The procedure for processing and protecting information about Users received by the Right Holder in connection with the use of the Service by the Users is determined by the Privacy Policy taking into account the specifics established by this Agreement.

8. Liability under the Agreement
8.1. Due to the provision of the right to use the Service under the Agreement for non-commercial purposes on a gratuitous basis, the provisions of the legislation on consumer protection shall not be applicable to the relations of the parties under the Agreement.
8.2. The Agreement is provided on an "as is" basis, in connection with which the User shall not be provided with any guarantees that they will meet the requirements of the User; be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors; the results that can be obtained with their use will be accurate and reliable; all errors will be
8.3. The User shall be liable for any violation of the obligations established by this Agreement and/or applicable law, as well as for all consequences of such violations (including any losses that may be incurred by the Right Holder and other third parties).
8.4. The Right Holder reserves the right to prosecute violators of exclusive rights to Intellectual Property Items in accordance with civil, administrative and criminal legislation at its discretion.

9. Final Provisions
9.1. This Agreement, the procedure for its conclusion and execution, as well as issues not regulated by this Agreement, are governed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
9.2. All disputes under the Agreement or in connection with it shall be considered in court at the location of the Right Holder in accordance with the current procedural law of the Russian Federation.
9.3. This Agreement may be unilaterally amended or terminated by the Right Holder without prior notice to the User and without payment of any compensation in connection therewith.
9.4. The current version of this Agreement is posted on the Website of the Right Holder and is available on the Internet at
9.5. For the purposes of this Agreement, 2GIS shall mean DoubleGIS LLC, PSRN 1 045 401 929 847, location: 7 Karla Marksa Square, Floor 13, 630 048 Novosibirsk

Version dated 26.10.2023