License agreement (Russia)
This document "2GIS Software and / or Online Services License Agreement" is an offer of 2GIS (hereinafter — "the Rightholder") to enter into an agreement on the terms and conditions stated below.
Before using 2GIS Software and / or Online Services, please read the terms of this license agreement attentively.
1. General Provisions
1.1. By using 2GIS Software and / or Online Services, you agree that:
а) You have read the terms of this Agreement prior to beginning of use of 2GIS Software and / or Online Services.
b) Use of 2GIS Software and / or Online Services in any form means that you accept all terms of this Agreement, without any exceptions or restrictions on your part. 2GIS Software and / or Online Services may not be used on any other terms and conditions.
c) When you start using the 2GIS Software Products and / or Online Services by registering, authorizing, posting your personal data in the 2GIS Software Products and / or Online Services, including the feedback forms, means that you consent to the Rights Holder’s processing of your personal data for the purposes provided for in this Agreement and the Privacy Policy, as well as to the transfer of your personal data to third parties in the cases listed in the Privacy Policy.
d) By using the 2GIS Online Services with a web browser that accepts data from cookies, you agree to the collection and processing of data from cookies by the Rights Holder for the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy and the transfer of data from cookies by the Rights Holder to third parties in the cases listed in the 2GIS Cookie Use Policy (
e) Use of 2GIS Software and / or Online Services in any form means that you accept all terms of this Agreement, without any exceptions or restrictions on your part. 2GIS Software and / or Online Services may not be used on any other terms and conditions.
f) If you do not agree with the terms of or are not authorized to enter into this Agreement, you should immediately cease any use of 2GIS Software and / or Online Services.
g) The Rightholder may alter the Agreement (including any part of it) without any notice. A new version of the Agreement shall enter into force upon posting thereof on the Rightholder’s Website unless otherwise provided for in such version.
1.2. Any matters relating to use of 2GIS Online Services not covered by this Agreement shall be governed by 2GIS Services Use Agreement ( and by Privacy Policy (
1.3. Words and expressions used in this License Agreement have the following meanings unless otherwise expressly defined hereafter:
а) The License (the Agreement) — the present License Agreement to use of 2GIS Software and / or Online Services.
b) 2GIS Online Services — a complex of 2GIS Software and hardware of the Rightholder available for the Users through the Rightholder’s Website.
c) The User — an entity who has entered into this Agreement with the Rightholder for its own benefit or for the benefit of third parties in accordance with the requirements of the applicable law and this Agreement.
d) 2GIS Software — 2GIS software systems owned by the Rightholder that combine the Digital Maps and/or the Directories, as well as each computer program or database incorporated in them or used in conjunction with them, and also all their subsequent updates and modifications, intended for use on desktop and pocket personal computers, mobile phones, communicators, smartphones.
e) The Business Listing — a database of an electronic business listing that includes information about names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and websites, types of goods produced and sold (work done, services rendered), and other details of organizations and entrepreneurs residing within a particular territory coinciding with boundaries of the Digital Map combined with the Business Listing, as well as any other organizations at the discretion of the Rightholder.
f) The Rightholder’s Website — websites located in the domains at,,,, and other domains included in the domains and/or,,
g) The Digital Map — a database of an electronic map which includes GIS data on geographical locations and settlements within an area bounded by certain geographical coordinates.
h) The Commercial Use — use of 2GIS Software and / or Online Services or other Intellectual Property that is beyond the permitted use under this Agreement, the functional application and / or granted rights to use map fragments, in order to obtain an income (profit) (when the user is an individual) or to derive business profit, including providing access to or delivering the abovementioned products and services on a commercial basis, i.e. for a fee or any counter provision of goods, works, services, or with simultaneous provision of goods, works, services on a commercial basis, in one form or another (when the user is a company or sole proprietor).
The Commercial Use of 2GIS Software and / or Online Services or other Intellectual Property may be authorized by the Rightholder on the basis of a separate agreement with the User.
i) PIN — a unique sequence of figures generated by the soft hardware of the Rightholder at request of the User and intended for communication between separate 2GIS Software and / or Online Services as well as communication between 2GIS Software and / or Online Services and other software and services.
j) The Privacy Policy — the Privacy Policy placed on the Internet at:
2. Exclusive Rights
2.1. 2GIS Software and Online Services in general, and computer programs, databases, cartographic, reference, information and other text materials, images and other objects of copyright and / or related rights incorporated in or used in conjunction with 2GIS Software and Online Services, as well as objects of patent rights, trade marks, brands and trade names, as well as other parts of 2GIS Software and / or Online Services (irrespective of, whether they are incorporated therein or are additional components and whether their extraction from the structure and independent use is possible) (hereinafter—"the Intellectual Property") are protected under Part IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and owned by the Rightholder subject to the exclusive rights unless otherwise specified in the notice of rights.
2.2. The Rightholder reserves the exclusive rights to any results of processing (modification) of the Intellectual Property permitted by this License, and may at any time revoke its permission to their use at its discretion, without compensation of any expenses incurred by the User in creating and applying them.
2.3. The notice of rights to the Intellectual Property shall be attached to or communicated to the User at the moment of provision of such Intellectual Property. Absence of notification of rights does not mean lack of legal protection or permission to its free use.
3. License
3.1. 2GIS Software and / or Online Services shall be used in strict compliance with the terms of this License. If the User does not accept any and all terms of this License, the User shall not be entitled to use 2GIS Software and / or Online Services for any purpose. 2GIS Software and / or Online Services may not be used with violation (non-performance) of any conditions of this License.
3.2. The rights to and ways of use of 2GIS Software and / or Online Services that are not expressly provided / allowed to the User under the present Agreement are considered not-granted/forbidden by the Rightholder.
3.3. 2GIS Software and / or Online Services are allowed for non-commercial use at no cost, subject to the terms and conditions of this License.
3.4. The Rightholder may place any information and / or Advertising Materials and links to websites of third parties on 2GIS Software and / or Online Services, and to provide the right to use 2GIS Software and / or Online Services in the manner given as aforesaid to any third party under a separate agreement.
4. Rights of the User
4.1. The Rightholder hereby grants to the User a worldwide non-exclusive nontransferable license to use 2GIS Software and / or Online Services in the ways specified in the present section.
4.2. Functional Use of 2GIS Software
The User has the right to use 2GIS Software for their direct functional purpose in accordance with the User’s Manual, and to that end, to install them on a desktop or pocket personal computer (-s), smartphone (-s) or other devices (hereinafter—the "Devices").
In accordance with this paragraph, the User may install 2GIS Software on an unlimited number of Devices as well as to store a copy of 2GIS Software in or install it on a data storage device (such as a network server) designed and used solely for installation and operation of the Software on other computers within a LAN.
4.3. Reproduction of 2GIS Software
The User may reproduce 2GIS Software, copies of which are distributed by the Rightholder, for non-commercial purposes at no cost on any Devices and other types of physical media provided that no modifications are made in the combination, composition and content of 2GIS Software as compared with the way they are provided and / or recommended for use by the Rightholder.
4.4. Distribution of 2GIS Software
The User may distribute 2GIS Software by delivering copies thereof reproduced in accordance with paragraph 4.3 of this Agreement, for non-commercial purposes at no cost and with respect for their integrity unless otherwise provided for by a written permission of the Rightholder.
4.5. Purpose of use of 2GIS Online Services
The User has the right to use 2GIS Online Services for their direct functional purpose on an unlimited number of devices in accordance with the terms of this License. For use of some 2GIS Online Services or their additional features, the User may be required to accept terms of a separate agreement at the discretion of the Rightholder.
4.6. Use of links to map fragments originated from 2GIS Online Services, on the Internet
The User may use html-links to map fragments originated from 2GIS Online Service on the following conditions.
To see the location of the required building, you have to put a special link to the Digital Map contained in 2GIS Online Service, in the following form:
{text of a link, usually a link address}
To find out an address of the link to the fragment of the Digital Map, you should:
  1. 1.Go to the Rightholder’s Website:
  2. 2.Select the building in question (whereupon a card will appear on the map with the address of the building).
  3. 3.Click on the text "Share a link" located in the lower right corner of the map. Above the cursor there will be a window with a link to the chosen fragment.
The link will open exactly the same fragment that was selected by clicking on the text " Share a link". For the convenience of users, 2GIS Online Service provides the following features: navigation on the map, view nearby stops, information about companies located in buildings.
Use of the links to 2GIS Online Service is the simplest and most expeditious option for its use and therefore is recommended for websites with a large number of addresses (catalogs of companies, new buildings, etc.). 2GIS Online Service is updated monthly.
4.7 Use of map fragments originated from 2GIS Software and/or Online Services, on the Internet
When using the Digital Map, the User may create map fragments by copying a visual image of cartographic data generated by 2GIS Software/Online Services, as well as derivatives of these map fragments (with additions, reductions, changes in the angle of rotation, and other modifications) and avail them to the public through the Internet provided that each fragment is accompanied by a notice indicating source of data and an active link to the website: in the following form:
© 2GIS. City Information Service
4.8. Use of map fragments originated from 2GIS Software and / or Online services, in mass media, videos, printed materials and outdoor advertising
The User may reproduce map fragments by copying a visual image of cartographic data generated by 2GIS Software/Online Services, as well as derivatives of such map fragments (with additions, reductions, changes in the angle of rotation, and other modifications) in periodicals, videos, including those broadcast on television / on the Internet, printed materials, outdoor advertising and other printed and electronic publications provided that each map fragment is accompanied by the following notice:
© 2GIS. City Information Service.
The size of the font used in the notice to map fragments in publications and printed materials shall be no less than 5 pt, in outdoor advertising — at least 2% of the layout area. The specified caption must appear throughout the duration of the video and must represent at least 3% of the frame (it is forbidden to provide a link to a fragment of maps only in the final credits) and must be displayed in such a way that the consumer is able to fully read the caption, taking into account the form and manner in which the video is shown.

4.9. Use of 2GIS Software/Online Services by the ways specified above is allowed subject to simultaneous observance of the following conditions:
а) further use of map fragments is possible only in informational purposes (for example, to display a location and travel directions to a particular object);
b) volume of use of cartographic materials (an area of a map fragment) is justified by the abovementioned informational purposes.
4.10. To enjoy communication between separate 2GIS Software and / or Online Services as well as communication between 2GIS Software and / or Online Services and other software and services, the User shall enter PIN received from the Rightholder.
4.11. Use of 2GIS cartographic materials in accordance with this section is permitted subject to the User’s observance of restrictions imposed by this Agreement.
5. Restrictions on Use
5.1. The User has no right, by its own efforts or with the assistance of third parties, to:
5.1.1. Hack technology, emulate, create new versions, modify, decompile, disassemble, decrypt and perform other actions with a code of 2GIS Software/Online Services in order to breach the security system protecting 2GIS Software/Online Services from unauthorized use, to extract cartographic, reference and other materials from the databases, as well as to receive information on implementation of the algorithms used in 2GIS Software/Online Services.
5.1.2 Create software or reference products and / or services using 2GIS Software/Online Services and text, cartographic and information materials included in or retrieved (extracted) from the databases of 2GIS Software/Online Services as well as other Intellectual Property specified in paragraph 2.1 of this Agreement.
5.1.3. Reproduce and distribute 2GIS Software for commercial purposes without a written consent of the Rightholder.
5.1.4. Extract from databases contained in 2GIS Software any cartographic, reference and other materials and to subsequently use them in any form and by any way.
5.1.5. Use databases contained in 2GIS Software apart from such 2GIS Software.
5.1.6. Provide access to 2GIS Online Services for commercial purposes, including by transmitting data obtained from 2GIS Online Services by any means, including with the use of frames and other programming methods and means intended for receipt of data from 2GIS Online Services and representation thereof on websites of third parties, unless otherwise provided by a separate agreement with the Rightholder.
5.1.7. Remove or in any way modify the trademarks, industrial designs and notices of copyright and any other rights, contained in 2GIS Software and/or Online Services and attached to the Digital Maps and other cartographic materials.
5.1.8. Use third-party software when using 2GIS Software Products and / or Online Services.
5.2. For avoidance of any doubt, copying, reproduction, processing, distribution, placement for free access (publication) on the Internet, use in mass media and/or commercial use of cartographic and reference materials, either directly extracted from databases contained in 2GIS Software/Online Services or received by copying data processing results with use of 2GIS Software/Online Services, as well as products derivative of such materials (with additions, reductions and other modifications) is hereby PROHIBITED except for cases expressly authorized by this License.
6. Automatic Updates
6.1. 2GIS Software may periodically interact with the Rightholder’s software and hardware to check for updates of 2GIS Software, such as modifications of or additional plug-ins for 2GIS Software, as well as updates to city databases (hereinafter—the "Updates").
6.2. By installing 2GIS Software, the User agrees that they may make queries and receive and install the Updates in an automatic mode.
7. Privacy Policy
7.1. The Rights Holder shall process the Users' personal data specified in clause 7.2. of this Agreement in order to:
  • •Identify the party to the agreement between the User and the Rights Holder;
  • •Authenticate the User when registering in the 2GIS Software Products and / or Online Services (hereinafter in this section referred to as the 2GIS Services) by calling the User’s phone number to send a verification code;
  • •Authorize / authenticate the User in the 2GIS Services by having the User receive an SMS message (Short Message Service, Russian transcription: "SMS") with a verification code to log in to the 2GIS Services from the Administration using a telecom operator and / or intermediary companies providing SMS messaging services.
  • •Provide the Users with services using the 2GIS Services;
  • •Improve the 2GIS Services based on the feedback / information from the Users;
  • •Develop new 2GIS services based on the feedback / information from the Users;
  • •Respond to the User’s requests for support service,
  • •Inform Users about the features of the 2GIS Services,
  • •Send enquiries regarding the use of 2GIS Services;
  • •Perform marketing tasks;
  • •Perform statistical and other research on the basis of depersonalized data;
  • •Implement the relationship for the Right Holder to provide data from cookies to third parties for their activities to demonstrate targeted advertising and information materials to Users on the Internet, or for third parties to provide other services to Users in the manner prescribed by law;
  • • Enable the Users to place orders / requests for the provision of services / works / purchase or make reservations for the purchase of goods and / or orders for the delivery of goods, if such functionality is available in the 2GIS service; issue cash receipts to Users, organize goods delivery services;
  • •Form the User’s profile; in order to communicate with the User to establish partnership relations, negotiate the terms and conditions of agreements with the User, conclude and execute such agreements;
  • •Add and / or update the information in the 2GIS Service, eliminate inaccuracies in the 2GIS Service, including communication with the User for the specified purposes;
  • • Perform actions for search and engagement of Users,
  • •Perform face-to-face identification of Users;
  • •Send promotional and informational newsletters and messages, including e-mails, push messages;
  • •Process personal data on behalf of third parties (personal data operators);
  • •Generate a selection of Customer data from the 2GIS Services, including for the purpose of further transferring this data to third parties;
  • •Store phone numbers from the User’s address book in order to notify the User that one of its contacts has registered in the 2GIS Services, and in order to notify contacts from the User’s address book who are already registered in the 2GIS Services that the User has registered in the 2GIS Services.
7.2. The Rights Holder shall process the following personal data of Users:
  • •Full name;
  • •Details of the identity document, information about the date of issue of the specified document and the issuing authority;
  • •Registration address;
  • •Product delivery address;
  • •Payment details;
  • •Email address;
  • •Home / mobile phone number;
  • •Date of birth;
  • •Gender;
  • •User's picture (avatar);
  • •Name of the company the User is an employee / representative of;
  • •Title;
  • •Taxpayer Identification Number;
  • •Other personal data provided by the User.
7.3. The Rights Holder shall process the following other data of Users:
This includes data automatically transmitted to 2GIS Services when using them through the software installed on the User’s device, including the IP address, the User’s geo-position (mobile application), advertising identifiers (GAID, IDFA (not processed since version 5.39 of 2GIS), OAID and others related to the User’s operating system), data from cookies, browser information, operating system, access time, and search queries, information about the location and movement of the User’s device (to adapt 2GIS Services to the User’s current location), data about the User’s device (device manufacturer, device model, device internal memory size, device operating system version, platform (mobile application, web, tablet, etc.), screen size, application version, mobile operator name, communication type); language of the user’s operating system / application; a digital identifier generated as part of the use of the Sber ID Service; the user’s hashed cell phone number; and the hashed number of the User’s email address.
7.4. If the Rights Holder can identify the User on the basis of other data, this is personal data and must be processed as personal data.
7.5. The Rights Holder shall not process the personal data of the Users who failed to register, authorize and / or place their personal data when using the 2GIS Services, including in the feedback forms of the 2GIS Services, and / or failed to provide personal data to the Rights Holder itself.
7.6. The Rights Holder shall collect, record, systematize, accumulate, store, clarify (update, modify), extract, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalize, block, delete, destroy personal data.
7.7. The procedure of processing and protection of the Users' information received by the Rightholder in connection with use by the Users of 2GIS Services is determined in the Privacy Policy subject to provisions of this Agreement and agreements on use of specific 2GIS Software/Online Services.
8. Liability under the License
8.1. Seeing that under this License the right to use 2GIS Software/Online Services are granted for non-commercial purposes and at no cost, the laws and regulations concerning the protection of consumer rights shall not be applicable to the relations of the Parties under this License.
8.2. 2GIS Software/Online Services are granted on an "as is" basis which means that the Rightholder does not provide to the User any guarantee that: 2GIS Software/Online Services will meet User’s requirements, 2GIS Software/Online Services will be provided in a continuous, timely, reliable and error-free manner; results which can be received with their use will be accurate and reliable; all errors will be corrected.
8.3. The Rightholder shall make every effort to ensure that the information contained in directories and maps will be accurate, but it does not give any guarantee as to the accuracy of such information and assumes no responsibility for it. The User applies any materials and data extracted from 2GIS Software/Online Services at its own risk, the Rightholder shall not be responsible for any loss of profit or other damage incurred as a result of use of 2GIS Software/Online Services.
8.4. All information and / or Advertising Materials placed in 2GIS Software/Online Services are provided by third parties. The Rightholder shall not be responsible for the reliability of information and / or Advertising Materials of third parties, the availability and content of their websites, or for any consequences of use of information and / or advertising or websites of third parties. The Rights Holder shall have the right to display any information and / or promotional materials in the 2GIS Software Products and / or Online Services in any places at its sole discretion, including in the cards of the Directory of Organizations.

8.5. Since 2GIS Software/Online Services are subject to the continuous process of updating and adding new features, the form and nature of provided products and services may be changed from time to time without prior notice. The Rightholder shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to stop (permanently or temporarily) providing 2GIS Software/Online Services (or any parts of the products or services facilities) to all Users in general or to a specific User in particular, and also change or revoke the License without prior notice.
8.6. The User shall be held liable for any breach of the obligations set forth in this Agreement and (or) the applicable law, as well as for any consequences of such violations (including any damage that may be incurred by the Rightholder or third parties).
8.7. The Rightholder reserves the right to prosecute violators of its exclusive rights on the Intellectual Property in accordance with the civil, administrative and criminal law at its own discretion.
9. Final Provisions
9.1. This Agreement, its conclusion and execution as well as all matters not regulated hereby shall be governed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
9.2. All disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement are subject to jurisdiction of courts at the Rightholder’s location in accordance with the current procedural law of the Russian Federation.
9.3. The Rightholder may unilaterally amend or terminate this Agreement without prior notice and without payment of any compensation to the User.
9.4. The current version of this Agreement is available on the Rightholder’s Website at
In case of conflict between a version of the Agreement distributed together with copies of 2GIS Software and a latest version of the Agreement posted on the Rightholder’s Website, the latter shall prevail.
9.5. In the text of this Agreement, 2GIS shall mean DoubleGIS LLC, Primary State Registration Number (OGRN) 1 045 401 929 847, location: 7 Karla Marksa Square, 13th floor, Novosibirsk, 630 048.
10. Notice of rights
10.1. This Section contains the licenses and notices for open source software build-in 2GIS Software Product Version 4.0 for Desktop (the "2GIS Desktop 4.0"). 2GIS Desktop 4.0 includes several open source software components (the "Software components") licensed under the open source licenses. The license agreements for each Software component are accompanying the Software component’s files and permits users to run, copy, modify, and redistribute the software component (subject to certain obligations in some cases), both in source code and binary code forms, with the exception defined by applicable license below.
10.2. On Copyrights
The contents of 2GIS Desktop 4.0 are copyrighted work. Copyright laws prohibit copying, reproduced, use and distributed the data, logos, graphic, images, illustrations, appearance of this product and related documents (manuals, white papers, datasheets and ect.) in whole or in part without permission of the copyright holder.
Boost, GNU Crypto, Tukaani, JSON, SQLite, Tinyxml, Zlib, Snappy, Qt logos are registered trademarks and copyrighted property of their lawful owners.

Installed texts, graphic, images and product designation are copyrighted by their respective authors of the elements.
10.3. On software
Copyright laws prohibit using, copying, renting, modifying and distributing the software in completely or in part, without the permission of the copyright holder.
The use of 2GIS Desktop 4.0 under appropriate license agreements does not transfer to Users any right, title or interest in or to the Software components, which are provided subject to the corresponding licenses.
List of Software components:
a) Boost
Licensed and distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0 — August 17th, 2003
b) Cryptopp
The Crypto++ Library (as a compilation) is currently licensed under the Boost Software License 1.0
c) Lzma
LZMA SDK is written and placed in the public domain by Igor Pavlov.

d) Jsoncpp
Copyright © 2007—2010 Baptiste Lepilleur
e) sqlite
2001 September 15
The author disclaims copyright to this source code.
f) Zlib
© 1995—2004 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler
g) TinyXML-2
Copyright © 2000—2006 Lee Thomson
h) snappy
Copyright 2011, Google Inc. All rights reserved.
i) Qt
The Qt Toolkit is Copyright © 2013 Digia Plc and/or its subsidiary (-ies).
10.4. The User may obtain, modify and redistribute the source codes of the Software components as stated by appropriate licenses to them. These source codes are reachable for downloading via Rightholder webpage or may be provided to User by Rightholder upon its request, taking in consideration that Rightholder accepts no inquiries concerning the contents of these source codes.
10.5. Operations of this 2GIS Desktop 4.0 with Software components other than that provided are not covered by the warranty. In no event will Rightholder be liable for any financial damage or loss of profits, including claims made by third parties, arising out of the use of the Software components supplied with this 2GIS Desktop 4.0.
10.6. Аny questions about the open source software contained in 2GIS Desktop 4.0 shall be send to email
10.7. A list of other rights holders is available at:

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