Privacy Policy
2GIS Cookie Policy
This Privacy Policy determines the procedure for processing and protecting information about Users, including personal data of Users, which 2GIS may receive during registration/authorization and/or use of any of the software products and/or 2GIS Services by Users (hereinafter collectively referred to as 2GIS Services).
Before using 2GIS Services, please read the terms of this Policy.
1. General Provisions
1.1. The following terms and definitions are used in this Policy:
Law No. 152-ФЗ shall mean Federal Law No. 152-ФЗ dated 27.07.2006 "On Personal Data".
Law No. 149-ФЗ shall mean Federal Law No. 149-ФЗ dated 27.07.2006 "On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection".
Information shall mean information about Users, including personal data of Users.
Personal Data shall mean any information relating directly or indirectly to an identified (specific) or identifiable user (personal data subject).
User shall mean a capable individual intending to use or using 2GIS Services for its own benefit or for the benefit of others (on behalf of the Client).
Client shall mean a legal entity and/or individual entrepreneur, information about which is available in the Directory of 2GIS Organizations.
2GIS Services shall mean 2GIS Software Products, 2GIS Online Services, 2GIS Websites, as defined in the License Agreements, posted on the Internet at,,,,,
Cookies shall mean data from cookie files as defined in 2GIS Cookie Policy.
Notifiers shall mean informational and/or promotional e-mail messages and push notifications.
Policy shall mean this Privacy Policy.
The Policy may use terms and definitions not specified in this Clause. In this case, such a term shall be interpreted in compliance with the text of the Policy. In the absence of an unambiguous interpretation of the term or definition in the text of the Policy, its interpretation defined in the License Agreement available on the Internet at the addresses specified above shall be followed.
1.2. By using 2GIS Services, you agree that:
· You have read the terms of this Policy in full before using 2GIS Services.
· Information processing is necessary to fulfill 2GIS contractual obligations to you under the License Agreements (,,,,,, including ensuring the operation of 2GIS Services. Starting to use 2GIS Services in any form means that you accept all the terms of this Policy in full without any exceptions and restrictions on your part.
· The Policy may be changed by 2GIS without special notice and without payment of any compensation in connection with this. The new version of the Policy shall become effective on the date of its publication on the 2GIS website, located in the domain at, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Policy.
1.3. If you do not agree with the terms of this Policy, do not start or immediately stop any use of 2GIS Services.
1.4. By accepting the terms of this Policy, you consent to the processing of Information by 2GIS for the purposes provided for in this Policy, as well as to the transfer of Information to third parties in the cases listed in this Policy.
1.5. By using 2GIS Services with a web browser that accepts data from cookies, you agree to the collection and processing of data from 2GIS cookies for the purposes provided for in this Policy, and the transfer of data from 2GIS cookies to third parties in the cases listed in the 2GIS Cookie Policy.
1.6. Disabling and/or blocking the option of the web browser to receive data from cookies means a prohibition on the collection and processing of 2GIS data from cookies.
1.7. When processing Information, 2GIS shall be guided by Law No. 152-ФЗ, Law No. 149-ФЗ and other applicable Russian legislation.
2. Composition of the Information that 2GIS collects and processes.
2.1. 2GIS collects and processes the following types of Information:
2.1.1. Personal data posted by Users about themselves when registering/using 2GIS Services, including in the Personal Account.
2.1.2. Personal data posted by Users in feedback forms.
2.1.3. Other personal data that the User provides to 2GIS through websites or services of third parties, including when authorizing the User in 2GIS Services.
2.1.4. Data that is not personal data required for the operation of 2GIS Services.
These include data automatically transmitted to 2GIS Services in the course of their use using the software installed on the User’s device, including IP address, location of the User (mobile application), advertising identifiers (GAID, IDFA, OAID and others related to the operating system of the User), data from cookies, information about the browser, operating system, access time, search queries, location information and movement of the User’s device (to adapt 2GIS Services to the current location of the User), data about the User’s device (device manufacturer, device model, device internal memory size, device operating system version, platform (mobile application, web, tablet, etc.), screen size, application version, name of the mobile operator, type of connection); User’s operating system/application language; digital identifier generated as part of the Sber ID Service; hash mobile phone number of the User, hash e-mail address of the User.
If 2GIS can identify the subject based on these data, the data shall be referred to as personal data.
2.1.5. Data additionally provided by Users at the request of 2GIS to fulfill 2GIS obligations to Users in relation to the use of 2GIS Services.
2.1.6. Phone numbers of contacts from the address book of the User’s device, after confirmation by the User of access to the address book through the operating system of the device.
2.1.7. Other information about the Users, the collection and/or processing of which is established by agreements on the use of individual 2GIS Services and/or the rules for the provision of services using individual 2GIS Services.
2.2. Information required for the use of software products and/or provision of 2GIS Services or their individual functionality is marked in a special way. Other information is provided by the User at its sole discretion.
2.3. It is prohibited to provide the User with personal data of third parties without the consent received from the third parties.
2.4. As a general rule, 2GIS does not verify the accuracy of the personal data provided by Users, and is not able to assess the legal capacity of the User. In cases stipulated by agreements on the use of individual 2GIS Services, the User shall provide confirmation of the authenticity of its personal data.
2.5. 2GIS does not process the personal data of Users who have not passed registration, authorization and/or who have not posted personal data in the process of using 2GIS Services in the feedback forms and/or have not provided 2GIS personal data independently by filling out an application in the Client card, including for delivery.
2.6. 2GIS does not control and is not responsible for the processing of Information by third-party websites to which the User can click on the links available in 2GIS Services.
3. Purposes of collecting and processing Information
3.2.1. Personal data for the purposes specified in the Table
3.2.2. Anonymized data that is not personal data for the purpose of performing statistical and other research
3.2.3. Data that is not personal data necessary for the operation of 2GIS Services, for providing data from cookies to third parties with whom 2GIS has contracts, for demonstration by third parties to Users of targeted advertising and information materials on the Internet and/or for rendering by third parties other services to Users in the manner prescribed by law
3.3. You agree to receive from 2GIS:
3.3.1. Notifiers of important events occurring within 2GIS Services or in connection with them to the e-mail address specified in your account and to the mobile device on which 2GIS Services are viewed, as well as in case of a separate subscription, information and/or advertising messages on 2GIS news, vacancies, announcements of events for developers and materials from such events, mailing about published articles (non-advertising interviews) about companies in different business areas to the e-mail address specified during the subscription;
3.3.2. Notifiers, including notifications of changes in the functionality of the 2GIS Personal Account, informing about new products of 2GIS Services and 2GIS services (notifications may be accompanied by promotional messages from third parties) to the phone number specified in your Personal Account, including in instant messengers, and/or to the e-mail address;
3.3.3. SMS messages containing a verification code to enter 2GIS Services to the mobile phone number you specified, and you also give your consent to the processing of your personal data and their transfer to third parties, in particular, to the transfer of information containing your personal data, which contains your consent to receive SMS messages from 2GIS, to telecom operators, intermediary organizations in the provision of services for sending SMS messages and to the authorized public authority for confirming the existence of such consent.
3.4. The User may refuse to receive push notifications through the proposed feedback forms in the mobile version of 2GIS Services or independently disable the possibility of receiving push notifications through the settings of mobile devices.
3.5. 2GIS is entitled to use notifiers to inform the User about the capabilities of 2GIS Services and/or about changes in information resources.
3.6. To use the User’s personal data for purposes not covered by this Policy, 2GIS shall request the User’s consent to such use.
3.7. The User understands and agrees that the personal data placed by the User independently in the account/Personal Account may be displayed when publishing materials (content) as a result of using 2GIS Services and will be available to the general public. The User agrees that 2GIS is entitled to display the User’s personal data in 2GIS Services.
3.8. Personal data specified by the User and other information uploaded by the User available in 2GIS Services shall be displayed to the general public solely for the purpose of providing the relevant 2GIS Service and personalization of Users. This information is not intended for its collection and further dissemination by third parties, except for cases where such purpose is expressly specified in the terms of the relevant 2GIS Service.
4. Information Processing
4.1. The information is processed in accordance with applicable law.
4.2. The information is not transferred to third parties, except for the following cases:
4.2.1. The User has agreed to such transfer.
4.2.2. Transfer to the 2GIS affiliate, DG-Soft LLC and/or other affiliates of 2GIS, to ensure the operation of 2GIS Services and/or individual functional capabilities of 2GIS Services, administration of personal data information systems, implementation of partner and other programs of 2GIS Services, response to requests in support service, as well as for marketing research, user activity analytics with the subsequent provision of generalized analytical data to 2GIS and the use of such analytical data by 2GIS at its discretion.
4.2.3. Transfer of the data of the Users authorized in the account and/or Personal Account to 2GIS partners for interaction when adding and/or updating the latter information in the 2GIS Service at the location of the 2GIS partner.
4.2.4. The transfer shall be provided for by applicable law.
4.2.5. The transfer shall be performed to ensure the possibility of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of 2GIS and/or third parties in cases where the User violates the terms of agreements on the use of individual 2GIS Services.
4.2.6. Transfer of anonymized identifier (IDFA (Identifier For Advertisers) or GAID (Google Advertiser ID)) of the User’s device to 2GIS marketing partners in the Russian Federation to create advertising products for certain groups of users or exclude certain groups of users from the list of recipients of special advertising offers.
The User may at any time disable further collection, storage and transfer of the device identifier by changing the settings of the mobile device.
4.2.7. Transfer of advertising identifier (IDFA (IDentifier For Advertisers) or GAID (Google Advertiser ID)) of the User’s device to AppsFlyer Ltd registered in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel and registered with the tax authority of the Russian Federation (TIN 9 909 512 348) to analyze and organize data on user actions in the Product.
The User may at any time disable further collection, storage and transfer of the device identifier by changing the settings of the mobile device. The User can read the privacy policy of AppsFlyer Ltd at
4.2.8. Transfer of the Information that forms the User profile to 2GIS partners (website and application owners, advertising networks, companies in the field of Internet business and/or finance) to create advertising products for certain groups of users and/or display advertisements on websites, in programs, products or partner services.
4.2.9. Transfer of data of Users who have authorized in the account and/or Personal Account to 2GIS partners in the Russian Federation to make a decision on the possibility of providing them with banking products and/or non-banking services and other electronic services and functionality.
4.2.10. Transfer of personal data to which the User provides 2GIS through the Chatra Internet client support service (online chat), Darwin LLC (PSRN 1 167 847 089 079), to store personal data on its servers using the necessary software and hardware protection. The documentation of Darwin LLC can be found at
4.2.11. Transfer of personal data of Users, as well as personal data of accompanying persons/persons accompanied by them that are provided by Users after obtaining their consent to third parties with whom the Users have concluded agreements on temporary accommodation and residing in the Hotel, as well as to Partners, as specified in the Rules for Booking Hotels using the Othello service and 2GIS Applications
4.2.12. The User’s personal data including name, surname, phone number, e-mail address shall be available to all Users of the Personal Account.
4.2.13. Some of the User’s personal data (for example, name, surname), including information about which Clients (places from the Directory of Organizations) it has visited, become available only to those Users who belong to the "Friends" category in the services of third parties and are authorized in the Services 2GIS.
The User may at any time disable further collection, storage and transfer of location information by 2GIS, including collected in the background (when the User does not use 2GIS Services and when they are closed) by changing the settings of the mobile device.
The User may at any time disable further collection, storage and transfer to 2GIS of information about which Clients (places from the Directory of Organizations) it has visited by changing the settings of the 2GIS Service on the mobile device.
4.2.14. Transfer at the request of state or other authorities to comply with the requirements of the law.
4.3. Cross-border transfer of personal data on the territory of foreign countries that do not provide adequate protection of the rights of personal data subjects shall be carried out only with the consent of the subject and/or for the purpose of executing the contract and/or to comply with the requirements of the legislation in the cases specified in Article 12 of Law No. 152-ФЗ.
4.4. The list of third parties and the personal data transferred to them may be requested from the 2GIS Responsible Person for the organization of processing and protection of personal data.
4.5. When using the service, the User agrees that certain information posted on the service may be available to other Users, both directly on the Internet sites located in the domain and its subdomains, and by broadcasting various technical means with a link to the original source (via mailing list, RSS broadcast, etc.), in particular, information about the User’s name and surname specified in the Personal Account, photos added by the User in the Personal Account, as well as the link provided by the User to its account profiles in social media is available to all other Users of the service.
4.6. The User is hereby notified and agrees that 2GIS may use and transfer personal data of third parties that are provided by the User when using 2GIS Services to implement certain functions of 2GIS Services, provided the User guarantees to 2GIS the consent of third parties for such use and transfer.
4.7. The User is hereby notified and agrees that when using 2GIS Services, 2GIS may receive data on the applications installed on the User’s mobile device and use them to implement certain functions of 2GIS Services.
4.8. The User is hereby notified and agrees that 2GIS may receive statistical anonymized (without reference to the User) data on the User’s actions when using 2GIS Services and on the settings of 2GIS Services established by the User.
4.9. 2GIS shall collect, record, systematize, accumulate, store, clarify (update, change), extract, use, transfer (distribute, provide, get access to), block, delete and destroy personal data of citizens of the Russian Federation using databases located in the territory of the Russian Federation. Personal data is processed both with the use of automation tools and without the use of automation tools.
4.10. Personal data shall be deleted by 2GIS in accordance with Law No. 152-ФЗ.
5. User Rights
5.1. Users are entitled to:
5.1.1. Independently make changes, additions to the information about themselves in their account profile, Personal Account on the 2GIS Website.
5.1.2. Delete the Information about themselves provided within the account profile, Personal Account on the 2GIS Website. Deletion of an account profile, Personal Account, or Information may result in the inability to use some 2GIS Services.
5.1.3. Upon request, receive information from 2GIS regarding the processing of their personal data.
6. Information Protection Measures
6.1. 2GIS shall take all necessary and sufficient legal, organizational and technical measures to protect personal data of Users and third parties from unauthorized or accidental access to them, destruction, modification, blocking, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions with them. These measures include, in particular, internal verification of the processes of collection, storage and processing of personal data and security measures, including appropriate encryption and measures to ensure the physical security of personal data to prevent unauthorized access to the systems in which personal data are stored.
7. Final Provisions
7.1. This Policy, the relationship between the User and 2GIS arising in connection with the application of this Policy, as well as issues not regulated by this Policy, shall be governed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
7.2. Please send all questions regarding this Policy to the 2GIS User Support Service (, to the User Support Service of the Personal Account ( or to the address 7 Karla Marksa Square, Floor 13, 630 048 Novosibirsk, Russian Federation, DoubleGIS LLC (2GIS); to the User Support Service (
7.3. If it is necessary to send a withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data, to identify the fact of unlawful processing of personal data or if there are other grounds, the personal data subject whose data is illegally used shall send a written statement to 2GIS to delete such personal data. The statement shall specify the surname, name, patronymic of the personal data subject, series, number of the main identity document, information on the date of issue of this document and the issuing authority, a list of personal data that are illegally used in the review posted in 2GIS services without the consent of the personal data subject, the name of the User who posted the review. The statement shall be sent to 7 Karla Marksa Square, Floor 13, 630 048 Novosibirsk, Russian Federation. These conditions for the statement submission shall apply unless a different procedure for the statement submission by the personal data subject is provided for by the provisions of the current legislation on personal data.
7.4. The current version of this Policy is posted on the 2GIS website and is available on the Internet at
Version dated 08.12.2023

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