Copyright information
The digital plans used in the 2GIS Online Services on scales from 1:295,829,355.45 to 1:72,223.96 are partly based on data from participants' maps ©OpenStreetMap- withCC-BY-SAandODbLrights
The digital elevation maps used in the 2GIS Online Services use images, scientific data and examples from the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) website Credit: ALOS (JAXA).
The address information from the Information Resource of the Unified State Mapping System of Moscow under the License Agreement No. 197-K/2011 dated 22/02/2011 was partially used in creating the Digital Plan of Moscow. © Mosgorgeotrest State Unitary Enterprise.
The vector layers of the forest coverage areas on the digital map of the Russian Federation were created using raster materials from the © Global Forest portal— onCC-BYrights
The Digital Plan of the Russian Federation is partly based on the Licensed Content provided by ©Navicom JSC under License Agreement No. 250216 dated 25/02/2016, and created on the ©ROSREESTR cartographic base.
Some of the digital vector plans are created using archived satellite imagery from civilian remote sensing satellites owned by the commercial operator of several satellite groups, DigitalGlobe, Inc, a major provider and rights holder of satellite imagery and geo-spatial data © DigitalGlobe, Inc.